2021 Guide: Resolving Low FPS and High Input Lag in Destiny 2

This quick guide will help you fix Destiny 2 low FPS and high input lag. Here are two solutions that will usually get rid of slight input lag or dropping frame rates in-game. Fix these issues immediately so you can enjoy playing Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer!

FIX 1: Update your graphics card drivers

Outdated drivers are another common cause of low FPS and high input lag in Destiny 2 and other modern games.

There are several ways to know if your graphics drivers are updated. The most common one is by opening the Device Manager and selecting Display Adapters. Right-click on your installed graphics driver and update it to the latest version. As long as your PC is connected to the Internet, the drivers will automatically search and download the proper updates.

How to update your NVIDIA or AMD drivers to the latest version through the Windows Device Manager.
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Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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