A Guide to Upgrading The Klawbar in Biomutant

The Klawbar is an essential tool for opening jammed doors in Biomutant. Follow these steps to upgrade your Klawbar as soon as possible. Certain areas in the game cannot be accessed without breaking walls or prying open doors. To do these tasks, you will need the Old World Klonkfist or the Old World Klawbar respectively. These tools are crucial for exploring different areas. Unfortunately, some walls and doors require an upgraded version of these tools. Just like the Klonkfist, you will have to visit a specific NPC in-game and complete their quests. In order to upgrade your Klawbar, you must find a character named Pebble who is located in Knack Hill, slightly west of Sknapptrutt Outpost. Simply talk to him and he will give you the quests. Pebble will ask you to check out three different climbing locations to see if they are safe for him to climb. These quests are straightforward and require minimal combat. After completing the quests, Pebble will upgrade your Klawbar to level 2. To make the process easier, follow this guide to upgrade the Old World Klawbar in Biomutant.

Unlocking Pebble’s Quest:

There are various ways to unlock and find quests in Biomutant, including Pebble’s quest. Some players stumble upon Pebble while exploring Knack Hill near Sknapptrutt Outpost. Others are directed to find Pebble by an NPC, while some simply encounter a door that requires an upgraded Klawbar. The method of unlocking the quest can vary from player to player.

How to Upgrade Your Klawbar to Level 2:

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Once you have spoken to Pebble, he will give you three climbing tests. Your task is to climb these routes and determine if they are safe for Pebble to climb. The first test is located directly behind Pebble in Knack Hill and can be completed right away. The second climbing spot is located around 2000m from Knack Hill, in Yerpfields near the Tree of Life and a village called Snodesburg. Climb up and secure the spot for Pebble. The final test is located approximately 2600m away from your current location, in Mushimosh Mire. To save time, consider fast traveling to the nearest point and sprinting to Pebble. Once you have completed all the climbing tests and returned to Pebble in Knack Hill, he will ask for your Klawbar and upgrade it to Level 2. Congratulations! You can now pry open tougher jammed doors with your upgraded Klawbar.

By following these steps, you have successfully upgraded your Klawbar to level 2 in Biomutant.

Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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