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Gameonmac.com strives to bring you the best news, features and community for games on OS X,iPhone and iPod Touch.

Craig McGregor
Business Manager

Craig has been playing video games for over 20 years. Previously, he founded Cyber Creations Inc. in 1997 as a web development company that continues to run today. Craig also runs other sites including: MMORPG.com, Gamertube.com and others. Craig lives with his family in Hawaii.

Craig is responsible for the business end of the site. If you are interested in discussing advertising or promotions you can contact him at GameOnMaccom@gmail.com

Evan Wilkinson
Programmer/Art Director

Evan founded Gameonmac.com in 2009 after not being able to find an appropriate site to cover games for Mac. Evan handles the front and backend of the site. Before starting this site, Evan has worked for game companies, branding companies, broadcast, freelance publishing. Evan lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with his daughters.

For any design comments/issues you can contact Evan at GameOnMaccom@gmail.com

Ben Krueger
Network Support

Ben joined Cyber Creations in 2004 to take over programming responsibilities for the MMORPG.com. He has worked on many aspects of MMORPG.com and now handles the backend compatibly of the network of sites and shared web services. Before joining Cyber Creations he previously wrote hotel, air, car and golf tee-time reservation systems for the travel industry. Ben lives and works in Hawaii. He is married with three children.

You can contact Ben at GameOnMaccom@gmail.com

Suzie Ford
Managing Editor

Beginning with the original Diablo and progressing through today, Suzie is an industry journalism veteran and wild gaming fan. Prior to arriving at Gameonmac.com, Suzie has worked in online gaming journalism at warcry.com and freelance work. Suzie also served time as a teacher and librarian. Now a stay-at-home mom and fulltime gaming journalist, Suzie lives in the Desert Southwest with her family.

For game coverage, industry news, or articles please contact Suzie at GameOnMaccom@gmail.com

Writers (in no particular order):
Erron Kelly
Martin Chandler
Jon Simonassi
Limari Colon
Yi Chen
Elizabeth Tran
Paul Isenor

We would also like to thank Dana Massey, Amber Gaede and Michael Bitton for their support, insights and suggestions to make this site happen.

A special thank you goes to Christina Gonzales for her hard work with initial data entry for the gamelist. It’s not a glamourous job but she rocked it!