Achieving Pure White Tendency in Demon’s Souls: A Guide

Demon’s Souls has experienced a resurgence in popularity with the release of BluePoint Games’ remarkable remake. The original game was known for its experimental gameplay mechanics, which set it apart from its refined successor, Dark Souls. Many players found these unique traits to be what made the game special, so BluePoint made sure to include them in the remake. This guide focuses on one such mechanic: how to achieve Pure White Tendency in Demon’s Souls.

Tendency in Demon’s Souls is a morality system that evaluates your character’s actions. It starts off neutral but can shift to white or black based on your choices. Good deeds will shift it towards white, while bad deeds will shift it towards black. Black Tendency increases loot drops but also boosts enemy hit points, making an already challenging game even harder.

You can check your Tendency by navigating to the Tendency tab in the main menu. Each level has its own Archstone, representing its World Tendency. There is also a human figure representing Character Tendency. The Archstones and the statue will appear brighter with white Tendency and dimmer with black.

To achieve Pure White Tendency, there are two important things to avoid. First, try not to die while in human form. Second, avoid killing non-player characters (NPCs) unless they are initially hostile. Even seemingly unfriendly NPCs or those who betray you count towards your Tendency. If you need to offset deaths in human form, you can intentionally kill your character in the Nexus without penalties.

Defeating demon bosses in Boletaria will gradually shift the World Tendency towards white. If another player invades your game and you defeat them, it will also slightly influence the gauge towards white. Playing Demon’s Souls in online mode is necessary to experience invasions. However, if you’re an experienced player seeking a greater challenge, you can push the World Tendency towards black. Offset progress in white Tendency by intentionally dying in the game world and killing NPCs. Dying repeatedly will also spawn red phantoms, enhancing the difficulty further.

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In conclusion, while we eagerly await FromSoftware’s next release, revisiting the old games is a great option. Demon’s Souls, a groundbreaking title from 2009, was known for its innovative ideas and high difficulty. Dying in the game could lead to tougher enemies and even a permanent weakening of the player. Spare NPCs could sometimes result in punishments rather than rewards. Unlike later games in the franchise, Demon’s Souls prioritized experimentation, creating unforgettable experiences for players. If you haven’t tried it yet, the release of the remake provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Updated at 12:25 - 31/07/2023
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