Discovering the Location of the Cold Suit in Biomutant

The Cold Suit in Biomutant is a helpful gear for exploring snowy areas in the game without taking damage. To locate the Cold Suit, you’ll need to follow our guide. Biomutant features five different resistance suits: the Radioactivity Suit, Biohazard Suit, Heat Zone Suit, Cold Zone Suit, and Oxygen Suit. Each suit provides resistance in specific areas, opening up new exploration opportunities in the game world. In this guide, we’ll focus on finding the Cold Zone Suit in Biomutant. Generally, the suits are easy to find and come with straightforward quests.

To initiate the Cold Suit quest, simply venture into any Cold Zone within the game. This action triggers a cutscene and starts the quest. This is the same method used to initiate quests for other suits as well. Personally, I stumbled upon my first Cold Zone at the Spark Plant in Sector 9E of the map. It’s located near the Glurp Paddock and Bow’s Teak. I discovered it accidentally while trying to reach Out-of-Date in the Tree of Life. You can also visit this area to start the Cold Suit quest.

The next step is to find a Pingdish to locate the Cold Suit. Head to Pingdish 9H, where you’ll encounter a few enemies along the way. The location is relatively close to Yerpfields and just a few hundred meters away from the Sparkatorium. If you’ve been here before, the area will already be marked on your map. While in the area, you’ll come across several enemies. One particularly annoying enemy is a turret located on the left side of the area. I recommend taking down the turret first by dodging its shots and attacking when close enough. After dealing with the smaller enemies, interact with the Pingdish.

To utilize the Pingdish, you must solve a simple rotation puzzle. Align the nodes to match their respective colors and activate the Pingdish. Move the Pingdish slightly to the right, facing the mountain, to discover the trans-message. This will reveal another location, Fnackyleaves, where you can find the Cold Suit. The exact location is Bangshelter 10E, where you’ll need to battle a few enemies.

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Upon reaching Bangshelter 10E, you’ll face a few enemies before entering the Bangshelter itself. These smaller enemies should be relatively easy to defeat. However, there is one more challenging monster awaiting you: the Klup Lurf. Watch out for its tail attacks and AOE cloud-like attack. Dodge appropriately to avoid taking damage. Once you’ve dealt with the enemies, enter the room to your right to find the Cold Suit in its locker. Additionally, there are five Superb loot items in this area that you can collect.

The Cold Suit consists of three pieces: the Anti-Cold Hood, Insulated Pants, and Insulated Jacket. Each piece provides 9 armor and offers Cold Resistance ranging from 20% to 75%. When wearing the full set, you’ll have a total of 27 armor and 145% Cold Resistance. This will completely negate the damage taken in Cold Zones. If you already have some Cold Resistance or only need to enter the area briefly, you can choose to wear one or two pieces. The Cold Suit is an excellent and easy way to gain Cold Resistance in the early stages of the game, particularly if you don’t want to spend many Bio Points on resistance stats for your character. However, be cautious when entering different environmental zones while wearing the complete set, as 27 armor may not provide substantial protection against high-damage enemies in those areas.

Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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