Fixing the Genshin Impact 9910 Error on PC: A Step-by-Step Guide

has been out for a while and is quite arguably one of the biggest releases of the year. It’s availability on multiple platforms, and the free-to-play model has allowed it to earn millions on a daily basis. It is available for gamers on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices including Android and iOS. With the recent 1.2 update out, there are some bugs and technical issues players are running into. If you are running into the Genshin Impact 9910 error code, here is how you can fix that.

Most of these errors are expected with new updates, and for the most part, the solutions aren’t that complicated either. For the most part, though, the game runs very well on each platform, and the new update brings a lot of new exciting content.

Fixing the Genshin Impact 9910 Error Code

Plenty of people on forums have been complaining about this issue, and this is what the error prompt looks like.

Now, to fix this, you can follow the steps below.

  • Head over to where your game is installed, and navigate to the following location
Program Files\Genshin Impact\Genshin Impact Game\
  • Here, you want to try running the game using the GenshinImpact.exe

For most people, the game started working normally after running it directly through this executable instead of the launcher. However, if you are still running into the same problem, you can additionally try the steps below.

  • Right-click on GenshinImpact.exe, and select Properties
  • Now, click on the Compatibility tab, and then check “Run this program as an administrator”

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Updated at 12:25 - 31/07/2023
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