Guide on Upgrading the Old World Klonkfist in Biomutant

The Klonkfist is a very useful tool that can be used in Biomutant. It can help players access secret areas by breaking down walls. It is recommended to upgrade the Old World Klonkfist for better performance. The Old World Klonkfist is one of the initial tools obtained in the game. It is a large mechanical hand that can break down walls and provide access to specific areas. Additionally, it can be used as a weapon, making it an excellent early weapon choice for players as they search for stronger ones. The Klonkfist can also assist players in defeating tougher enemies early on. To break a wall using the Old World Klonkfist, players need to charge it up before striking the wall. It takes three attempts to completely break the wall and gain entry to the area. Please note that although the Klonkfist seems capable of breaking every wall initially, players will eventually encounter tougher walls that require a level 2 Klonkfist to break. To upgrade the Old World Klonkfist to level 2 in Biomutant, players must trigger the corresponding side quest. Biomutant follows an open-world RPG format, allowing players to progress through the main story without being aware of the Klonkfist‘s upgrade potential. The upgrade quest is triggered by encountering a wall that necessitates a level 2 Old World Klonkfist. When attempting to destroy the wall, players will receive a message stating that their Klonkfist is not powerful enough. This initiates the Level 2 Old World Klonkfist upgrade quest known as Klick Klack. For some players, triggering the quest may involve talking to an NPC who mentions Klick, the character responsible for upgrading the Klonkfist. It is recommended to search for a wall that cannot be broken or locate the NPC who will point players in the direction of Klick. Once the Klick Klack quest is active, players should follow the quest marker to reach the designated location where they will find Klick. Interacting with Klick will prompt further instructions regarding the upgrade process. The High Voltage quest will be given by Klick, requiring players to locate a Toxanol Zapstation and power up a metal bar. The substation is easily found approximately 400m away. At the Zapstation, players must activate the lever to produce lightning. They should stay inside the blue circle and wait for the lightning to charge the metal piece. This process must be repeated three times to fully charge the metal bar. However, after the second charge, a lightning-powered creature will appear. Players can choose to fight the creature or activate the lever again and attempt to stay inside the circle while avoiding its attacks. Defeating the enemy before continuing is recommended, considering its lightning attacks can cause significant damage. After charging the metal bar three times, players need to return to Klick and provide him with the metal and the Klonkfist. Klick will tinker with the items and return the upgraded Old World Klonkfist. The upgraded Klonkfist will now be capable of breaking the stronger walls. This concludes the process of upgrading the Old World Klonkfist in Biomutant.

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Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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