How to Obtain the Myriad Boomerang in Biomutant

Working with an ally Tribe can provide you with Tribe Weapons and items. Follow the steps below to learn how to obtain the Myriad Boomerang in Biomutant.

The Myriad Tribe is one of the six Tribes present in the Biomutant world. When you first start the game, you will encounter the Myriad and Jagni Tribes. These six tribes can be categorized as Light Aura Tribes or Dark Aura Tribes. The Light Aura Tribes, including Myriad, Ankati, and Netra, are focused on defeating the Worldeaters and saving the Tree of Life. On the other hand, the Dark Aura Tribes, Jagni, Lotus, and Pichu, want the Worldeaters to destroy the Tree of Life.

One of the initial quests related to the Tribes will require you to choose between helping the Jagni Tribe or the Myriad Tribe. The Myriad Tribe Weapon, the Myriad Boomerang, can only be obtained in two ways. Firstly, if you ally with the Myriad Tribe and help them defeat other Tribes. Secondly, if you completely conquer the Myriad Tribe.

Here are the steps to obtain the Myriad Boomerang by choosing the Myriad Tribe:

  1. Ally with the Myriad Tribe by confirming your alliance with their Sifu or Tribe Leader.
  2. Capture your first Outpost.
  3. Head over to the Murkadorpus Outpost, controlled by the Jagni Tribe.
  4. The Myriad warriors will assist you in conquering the Outpost.
  5. Defeat three Jagni guards during the first wave of defense.
  6. Destroy two Boomhuts by performing melee attacks on the bombs they launch.
  7. Solve a puzzle on the left wall to lower the sewage water. Swim across and activate a lever on the other side.
  8. Defeat the guards, release the prisoner, and choose to gain Light or Dark Aura.
  9. Break the glass emergency box in the armory, retrieve the rifle, and use it to defeat the enemies ahead.
  10. Deal with the guards and sniper in the next area, then defeat the large enemy by making him charge into a wooden tower.
  11. Push an explosive barrel near the door and shoot it to destroy the door.
  12. Claim the rival Outpost and receive the Myriad Boomerang as a reward from the Sifu.
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The Myriad Boomerang is a powerful ranged weapon in Biomutant with an orange Rarity 60 Legendary status. While it may take some time to return and can only hit a few enemies at a time, it deals significant damage and can be a useful ranged weapon for a melee-focused character. To maximize its effectiveness, throw the Myriad Boomerang and engage in melee attacks while waiting for it to return.

If you choose to ally with the Jagni Tribe instead, you can obtain the Myriad Boomerang by defeating the Myriad Tribe.

Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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