Locating the Heat Suit in Biomutant: A Guide

The Heat Zone Suit offers you protection when navigating through the hot zones in the game. Follow our guide to learn where to find the Heat Suit in Biomutant. These Heat Zones can be found in various locations across the map and are characterized by visible magma and heat wave-like signatures. If you enter a Heat Zone without appropriate heat-resistant armor or Heat Resistance stats, a Heat Zone meter will begin to fill up. As the meter reaches 50%, you will start to experience damage, which will slowly increase until it reaches 100%. In contrast, other zones like Radiation Zones will only inflict damage once the meter reaches 100%. This means that if you plan on entering those zones quickly, you won’t need a Radioactivity Suit. However, for zones like Heat Zones and Cold Zones where damage starts at 50%, the need for environment suits is essential. Read on to discover the exact steps to find the Heat Suit in Biomutant.

The Heat Suit Quest
Starting the Heat Suit quest is as simple as entering a Heat Zone, similar to other environment suits. Conveniently, you can encounter a Heat Zone early in the game, just north of Sknapptrutt Outpost. This location triggered my own Heat Suit quest, and it will work for you too. Regardless of which Heat Zone you enter, you will still experience the cutscene and start the quest as it all leads to the same Pingdish and Bangshelter.

Locating the Pingdish
Once you have the Heat Suit quest, it will direct you to find another Pingdish. The Heat Suit Pingdish, Pingdish 6K, is situated south of Mushimosh Mire and west of Hoof Puff Place. When you arrive at this location, you will witness a fight between a Klup Lurf and a Tincan Tougho. Patience is key here. Let them battle it out and lower both their health bars. After a while, focus on defeating the Klup Lurf first, as it likely has a lower health bar at that point. Once done, take down the Tincan Tougho and proceed to the Pingdish. At the Pingdish, you will need to solve a rotation puzzle by matching the pong paddles.

Solving the Rotation Puzzle in Pingdish 6K
Successfully completing the rotation puzzle will enable you to fully maneuver the Pingdish in your search for the trans-message. Aim the Pingdish a little to the right of the blimp where you can upgrade weapons or armor. Once you find the ping, a new marker will appear. This new location is Bangshelter 6L, which fortunately is only 360m away.

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The Signal Back
When you arrive at Bangshelter 6L, you will encounter a Buff Pocus Timbo. This enemy attacks by throwing large chunks of rocks and slamming the ground for area-of-effect damage. The best strategy is to keep your distance and use your guns to damage it. Fire at the Buff Pocus Timbo and dodge when it attempts to throw rocks. Repeat this process until you defeat it. Alternatively, you can try to dodge and run past the enemy into the Bangshelter if you prefer not to fight or are unprepared. Look for a door to the right near the end of the tunnel. To access the room where the Heat Suit is located, use your Old World Klawbar to pry open the door. Interact with the locker to obtain the Heat Suit and don’t forget to collect all the superb loot in the area. You should be able to find a total of seven superb loot items before leaving the Bangshelter.

The Heat Suit
Equipping the Heat Suit grants you a total of 27 armor and 145% heat resistance. Each part of the suit provides 9 armor, while the Anti-Heat Hood offers an additional 20% heat resistance. Comparatively, the Heat-Resistant Jacket and Heat-Resistant Pants provide 75% and 50% heat resistance, respectively. Although the environmental suits are excellent for exploring different environmental zones without taking damage, their drawback is their low armor value. Some enemies within these zones are powerful and can deal significant damage if you fail to dodge in time. To mitigate this, it’s recommended to mix and match pieces of the environmental suit with more powerful armor, enabling you to stay safe from enemies while avoiding damage from environmental hazards. That’s all you need to know to find the Heat Suit in Biomutant.

Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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