Locating the Ultimate Weapons at the Sqvip Grotto in Biomutant

There are several Ultimate Ranged and Ultimate Melee weapons scattered throughout the game. This guide will show you where to find the Sqvip Grotto Ultimate Weapons in Biomutant. These weapons are considered some of the best in the game and can significantly boost your power, particularly in the early stages.

To start, after capturing your first rival outpost and taming your first mount, head to the Chugyard to help Gizmo. You will encounter enemies, including a tough one called Bompa Bonker. Take down the smaller enemies first while avoiding being overwhelmed. The Bompa Bonker is a tanky enemy who deals heavy damage with his large pipe, so be sure to dodge his attacks. Once you defeat the enemies outside, use your crowbar to open the door and kill an enemy working on the Sprocket. Inspect the Sprocket and you’ll be sent flying, still holding onto it. The Sprocket will crash into another door, leading you to Gizmo. Don’t forget to find the chest with Bio Points in the area before heading to the elevator.

Gizmo will ask you to gather enough Skrap to repair the Mekton. To do this, you’ll need to enter a Hypoxia Zone, which deprives you of oxygen. Sprint to collect the Skrap and rest in safe areas when needed. You’ll need to climb and do some tightrope walking, but it should be a relatively easy quest to complete.

After returning to Gizmo, he will finish working on the Mekton and instruct you to use it to find Moog. The Mekton is a mechanical mount and the first one you obtain in Biomutant. While riding it, you won’t be affected by the Hypoxia Zone anymore, although it’s still missing some upgrades. Moog will provide you with more information about the Sqvips. He will reveal the location of a cave where you can capture Sqvips for Gizmo.

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Once you finish talking to Moog, return to your Mekton and find the Sqvip Grotto. Inside the grotto, you’ll need to suck up oil again and defeat a few enemies. The Mekton’s Kannons and melee attacks should make dealing with the enemies easy. At the end of the cave, enter the door on your left and take the elevator. Jump across the floating wooden planks and head towards the oil tanker. Activate the corresponding buttons to open the tanker, flood the area with oil, and jump into the fence. Enter the room and interact with the Sqvips hopping around to capture them. Once you’ve captured at least five Sqvips, you can interact with the Pew-Pew Locker before leaving the room. This is where you can obtain the Ultimate Ranged Weapon, Bangbitsky Jupsitko.

After acquiring the Ultimate Ranged Weapon, make sure to restore the electricity to make the elevator operational. Once you exit the elevator, immediately find the Knock Locker. Inside the locker, you’ll find the Ultimate Melee Weapon, Hoover Grooblade.

Finally, exit through the door, ride your Mekton back to Gizmo, and present him with the captured Sqvips. The Hoover Grooblade and Bangbitsky Jupsitko are excellent weapons for the early game, providing you with the firepower needed to defeat strong enemies. Following these instructions carefully will allow you to locate the Sqvip Grotto Ultimate Weapons, which are among the earliest weapons you can find in Biomutant.

Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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