Mastering the Art of Defending in FIFA 21 Career Mode

Defending is crucial in FIFA career mode. Improving your manual defending will lead to better results overall.

If you are familiar with the mechanics of FIFA 20, you might find defending challenging in FIFA 21. In the previous game, we could rely on the AI to commit players to the attack and use jockeying and auto-tackle. However, these strategies are less effective now. This guide will explain the new mechanics and provide tips on how to defend effectively.

Manual Tackling

Manual tackling has been improved in FIFA 21, with players being more accurate with their attempts. However, the ball can still deflect back to the opponent after a successful tackle. Despite this, relying more on manual tackling is a better strategy now. Practice tackling at the last minute before your opponent passes or shoots, and you will see improvement in your defensive skills.

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Updated at 12:25 - 31/07/2023
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