Obtaining Bitcoins in Escape From Tarkov: A Guide

There are multiple currencies in Escape from Tarkov, and among them, Bitcoins are highly coveted. Their value fluctuates constantly, making them an ideal source of passive income. Seasoned players prioritize unlocking Bitcoin farming in the game, as it allows them to sustain expensive loadouts and access powerful gear. This article provides a guide on obtaining Bitcoins in Escape from Tarkov, whether through Bitcoin farming or looting from rare locations.

Bitcoins serve as the game’s fourth currency, obtained through Bitcoin farming. They hold different values in the game and can be exchanged for in-game currencies such as Roubles, Euros, and Dollars, depending on the dealer. Bitcoin farming can be done innately through your hideout, which serves as your main source of passive income. Endgame players also use Bitcoins to barter for expensive cases like the THICC Weapon Case, which grants access to high-tier gear.

To set up your Bitcoin farm, you’ll first need to unlock the “Bitcoin Farming” space in your hideout, which becomes available as you improve the facility. Completing tasks from the dealers is the fastest way to upgrade your Bitcoin farm. Each upgrade has loyalty level requirements from the dealers, which may require significant grinding to increase. You can buy the necessary materials from the flea market after reaching level 10, although acquiring the funds to purchase them can be challenging. Maximizing your Scavs can help you earn more money through loot runs, increasing the chances of finding valuable items like graphics cards.

To unlock the first level of Bitcoin farming, you’ll need Security Level 3, Medstation Level 3, Nutrition Level 3, Mechanic Loyalty Level 2, and Attention Level 3. Facility upgrades also require various loyalty levels from Therapist, Skier, Jaeger, and Ragman, as well as Health Level 2, Vitality Level 3, Endurance Level 2, and Metabolism Level 3. Once you meet the requirements and acquire the necessary materials for the facility upgrades, you’ll need to obtain a graphics card.

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Graphics cards can be purchased from the flea market, but the return on investment may take around a month of daily playing, depending on the current Bitcoin prices in the game. Another option is running “hatchet” runs in Interchange, where there’s a chance of finding graphics cards. Scav runs on Customs, particularly in the dorms area, can also yield valuable items. Once your Bitcoin farm is set up, remember to keep your generator’s power turned on, as the farm won’t run without it.

Aside from the Bitcoin Farm, you can also find Bitcoins in caches, from Scavs, Shturman’s crate in the woods, as well as in jackets, safes, and sports bags. Some locations in the game have a higher chance of spawning valuable items, such as the miracle tree behind the old gas station, the old gas station table, the 3-story dorm couch, and the new gas station side exit.

Bitcoin farming rates can vary due to the fluctuating value of Bitcoin in the game. The first graphics card installed in your farm will yield the most efficient return on investment, with subsequent GPUs providing diminishing returns. It takes 48 installed GPUs to reach 0.1 Bitcoins per hour but also requires a significant investment in GPUs and fuel for the generator. The worth of Bitcoin farming depends on factors such as GPU prices, Bitcoin prices, and the frequency of game wipes.

While farming money for loadouts can be challenging and risky, Bitcoin farming provides a steady source of passive income for consistent players. It’s worth it for those who love the game and play regularly, as it eliminates the need to constantly grind for funds to sustain loadouts. Ultimately, the decision to engage in Bitcoin farming depends on individual preferences and game strategies. Battlestate Games considered mirroring the real-life Bitcoin price in the game but decided against it due to its volatility.

Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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