Solving Various Issues with The Ascent Ultrawide Display: FOV, Black Bars, and More

The Ascent, developed by Neon Giant and published by Curve Digital, is a cyberpunk action RPG that boasts visually stunning next-gen graphics. It is currently available on PC through Steam and Game Pass. While the game offers impressive visuals and a range of graphical options, there are some notable issues, particularly regarding its ultrawide display.

To address The Ascent’s Ultrawide issue, follow the steps outlined below. Please note that the game is currently exclusive to Xbox platforms when it comes to consoles, and it is also available on Game Pass for subscribers. However, PC users can also enjoy the game.

To fix the Ultrawide issue in The Ascent, which is caused by imperfect FOV implementation leading to black bars in wider resolutions, you can use a patch provided by Rose, a contributing member of the PCGamingWiki community who has released several helpful patches in the past.

Here’s how to install the patch:

1. Visit the following link and download the patch that corresponds to your version (Steam or MS Store/Game Pass): [insert link here] 2. Extract the downloaded file using compression software such as Winrar or 7zip. The password for extraction is “pcgw”.
3. Launch The Ascent.
4. Run the Ultrawide patch application that you extracted earlier.
5. Use the designated keys mentioned in the application, such as F4, to increase the FOV (Field of View).
6. Press the F9 key to remove the black bars. You can toggle them back on to see the difference as well.
7. Here are some comparison images to demonstrate how the game looks before and after applying the patch:

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[Insert “Before the Patch” image] [Insert “After the Patch” image]

Please note that we also have other guides available for ultrawide gaming on PC, covering titles such as Scarlet Nexus, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and more. We hope this guide has resolved your issues with The Ascent and its ultrawide implementation. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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