The Ultimate Farmer Guide for Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 Eternal Love in 2021

Ragnarok Online quickly became a massive success on PC many years ago, and it’s no surprise that Ragnarok Mobile followed suit. However, a recent update brought significant changes, making certain aspects easier while leaving others problematic. Farming has always been a major issue in the game. With the latest updates and features as of April 2021, players are now wondering who the best farmer in-game is. The answer lies in the perfect character/build for farming in Ragnarok Eternal Love.

The ideal build for farming in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love is one that requires very minimal requirements. This means no switching items, cards, stats, or anything else. You don’t need to reach level 3,000 or cater to specific situations. Your character should be able to handle various situations without running out of SP or constantly being low on health. There’s no need to buy converters, potions, or any other items. All you need are basic things to become the best farmer in the game.

To achieve this, you’ll need the ability to change skills based on specific situations and access to photos of the mobs, which you should already have. You’ll need around a week’s worth of playing time to build your character, not counting leveling. Your character should be specific and incredibly versatile. Lastly, you’ll need an elemental table for reference.

In the Traveler’s Notes book found in your inventory, you can find the elemental table. It’s easy to obtain, and you can check it by going to the Adventure Guide tab. The table shows the elemental strengths and weaknesses. A “1” indicates standard damage, anything less than “1” means reduced damage, and anything higher than “1” shows bonus damage. For example, Air vs. Water means you’ll deal more damage to water element targets.

When starting out in one of the new servers in Ragnarok Mobile, you can quickly reach level 120 and unlock the fourth job within the first few days. It’s recommended to complete lots of quests, which are not challenging when starting at such a high level. So, who is the specific character that excels in farming? It’s the magic-based Ninja.

The magic-based Ninja is the best farmer in-game, as proven by using an empty account. It offers relaxed farming sessions, allowing you to be AFK for the full CT without worrying about your character. Most of what you need is provided through quests, and you can start farming almost everything right from the beginning. The updates in the new servers make this possible by starting players at level 120. Building your character is a breeze with a little skill setup and testing.

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Proof of the magic Ninja’s farming prowess can be seen when easily selling items on the Exchange and acquiring them effortlessly without extensive building efforts. Storage management should be kept in mind for efficient farming. The showcased magic Ninja character is around three months old and has never been used for hardcore gaming sessions. Despite that, it has amassed over 19 million Zeny with only 450 minutes of CT available. This demonstrates how easy and stress-free it is to build up wealth.

Building a magic Ninja is straightforward. By doing quests, you’ll gain a lot to work with, including a set of items suitable for various situations. Using the Traveler’s Notes, determine the element of your target(s) and switch skills accordingly. The magic Ninja has five elements that can be used to your advantage. With the elemental converter and booster skill called Four Souls, you can select the desired element, and it will enhance your skills and provide a damage boost. Additionally, there’s a Ghost element skill that works against Ghost element targets. The magic Ninja also possesses the skill Leave it Behind, which efficiently regenerates SP and HP, making them resilient and long-lasting during farming sessions.

For an even easier farming experience, the magic Ninja has a skill called Ninjutsu – Thousand Shadows. This allows clones to do the farming for you. Simply assign the skill and some buffs to your auto-skill slots, and the clones will utilize your attack skills and auto-attack. You won’t draw aggression from mobs unless a clone gets killed while Burning Prison is active. To counter that, use the skill Fog Cutting to become invisible while still being able to attack and cast spells. The magic Ninja may not be a stellar auto-attacker, but with the help of passive skills, you can maximize your hits on the target.

Considering everything mentioned, the magic Ninja is undoubtedly the best and easiest character to use for farming in Ragnarok Mobile 2.0. It’s almost unstoppable unless you attempt something incredibly foolish.

Updated at 7:06 - 01/08/2023
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